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Les Marmitons, an enthusiastic group of foodies, gathered for an experience of Indian fare, spice and paired wines.
It was a fabulous evening to watch 30 or so men, donned in their crisp white chef's coats and Les Marmitons caps, tackle the recipes with gusto.

The teams were assigned the dishes they were going to create and without wasting any time were off chopping and stirring, kneading and frying, taste testing and just simply having a lot of fun preparing their meal for the evening. As one group prepared the Rasam as one of the appetizers, another group of 4 were busying themselves with the phyllo samosas and the stuffing. 

At the 3rd station a group attempted the parathas as their team mates got the tamarind and coriander shrimp together. The aromas from the caramelized onions and tandoori chicken for the butter chicken soon filled the kitchen. Whilst the appetizers and entrees were being completed and garnished, the 2 member team prepped the intricacies of Gajjar ka Halwah in waffle cups for dessert. The sweet smelling cardamom hailed supreme at their workstation.

The fine art of cooking a perfect pot of Basmati was a must to demonstrate as I shared the secrets passed down by my mother.
The entire meal would have been incomplete without the wine which had been carefully selected and paired to complement and enhance the extensive spice box and each course.

Enjoy the slide show as all the members of Les Marmitons enjoy the gastronomic and social aspects of their club's event.

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