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Subject: Delicious Recipes

Hi Geeta

Just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying using the new cookbook, and how much June is relishing the results. This is a great choice of recipes and so much less complicated than many that I have been following for years. Our friends in New Hampshire were also delighted to get some new ideas. Many thanks !


Subject: Thank You !

Hi Geeta !

Paul and I want you to know that the feedback from yesterday’s adventure in Indian cuisine has been unanimously positive. We were pleased to see that everyone seemed to be quite engaged in the process of preparation and they certainly enjoyed the resultant feast. You kept balance very well in the midst of the 3 groups, their demands, questions and possible inadequacies in the kitchen realm. I’d recommend such an experience to any group of friends who have a passion for good food under the tutelage of a pleasant and knowledgeable instructor.

Tasha’s presence and oversight was also very welcome and Leticia was a godsend. I’ll never have another party without posting someone to the plight of being the eternal dish-washer (for the evening). Were you aware that even Vipan made his rounds taste-testing the various dishes and making suggestions for adjustments, etc. – all very much appreciated ?! You make a great team!

Paul and I are looking forward to having you and Vipan over for a quieter evening on our own and we’ll let you relax for a change.

Thank you again for the lovely, well-managed day, Geeta.

Warm regards
Arlene M.

Subject: Khaana Sutra - An Affair with Indian Cooking

Hi Geeta,

It was my pleasure to be a part of the dining and learning party you hosted on behalf of the Rotary Club.  Your hospitality was generous and the food was fabulous! 

I have been inspired by your cookbook to try new things in my kitchen and have introduced my friends and family to the poetry of your recipes.

Thank you.
Tracy O

Subject: I Discovered Your Cookbook .. An Affair With Indian Cooking

Dear Geeta,

I would like to give you positive feedback about your marvelous cookbook!!

I bought a copy of your cookbook at Le Chef Complet.  
An Affair with Indian Cooking has inspired me to produce a feast for my family!!  Thanks to your tasty recipes… my family and I… enjoyed some of your cooking sensations.  While making your TASTY-TASTY recipes, I joyfully snipped fresh herbs from our garden such as mint, green/ red hot peppers and cilantro. Throughout my cooking time and beyond, our kitchen smelt wonderfully spectacular!!  My husband and teenaged son were sniffing the delicious air that came from the various fragrant smells and so was I!! 

My older cat who loves food…was equally sniffing the delicious air!!   After our meal last night, my husband kept thanking me for the ‘great meal’ and my teenaged son was remarkably content after eating a feast, as a result of your cookbook. 

I enjoyed the overall cooking process and shall continue to do, so with many of your other recipes.   My husband eagerly helped me with various recipes, which gave us the opportunity, to have ‘fun’ cooking together!! 

Your cookbook also inspired my husband and I to discover India Town Food Centre in Mississauaga. Our first trip to this quaint grocery store was for the purchase of Gram Flour, last week. And then this week-end, we returned again to get other ingredients which I needed for some of your recipes.

While I currently reside in Burlington; I grew up in a mutli-cultural part of Montreal. While my childhood neighbourhood was ‘not’ by any means an upper crust part of town; I grew up with the riches of being exposed to international cuisine. In our neighbourhood, appetizing smells, colourful blends and enchanting flavours from around the world were the very riches that I grew up with. This later inspired me to venture into cooking sensations; from different parts of our planet. This is why I was so very glad to discover your cookbook, as it inspired me to successfully try new dishes.

While my father was a chef, he never cooked at home. My mother cooked for the sake of eating.  It is only after I moved away from home, for a teaching position, that I discovered the joys of cooking. Your cookbook, has added to my lifetime joy OF COOKING!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH GEETA FOR CREATING AN AFFAIR WITH INDIAN COOKING. It is a cookbook that is visually pleasing; well explained and the end results of your recipes are incredibly DELICIOUS !!

Lenna R

Subject: Wonderful Buttered Chicken

Hi Geeta

I can’t thank you enough in regards to the unbelievable delight that my family felt when they tasted my buttered chicken.  I found the recipe so easy to follow as well as the tastes and smells to be an absolute pleasure.  I am not the greatest cook and really appreciated the simplicity of making the buttered chicken.

I have made many recipes and tried things from various cookbooks but was astounded as how much this tasted as if I had ordered it from an Indian restaurant, I was even more surprised by the comments that my very very picky family made when I presented the buttered chicken, not only where they impressed by the tastes that they experienced but they too thought I had fooled them and ordered in….

Thank you again for such a great add on to our family’s weekly menu, I can’t wait to try my next favourite the chicken curry….I look forward to hearing from you so that we can book a time to get together soon

Dorothy W

Subject: Thank You for the Marvelous Cooking Class !

Dear Geeta,

Thank you very much for the wonderful day yesterday.You have a wonderful family and we appreciated your knowledge and hospitality very much. The food was sumptuous!

Bill and May had a great time too.

We look forward to your Indian tour in the summer and will check out your website for times, etc.

Will let you know when we venture into Indian cooking on our own and how we do.

Ellyn and Paul