" Welcome to My Kitchen where the Khaanasutra
  of Indian Cuisine unfolds "

It’s an engaging and fun-filled environment where my guests enjoy themselves equally at the kitchen counter and at the dinner table, taste testing the foods of their passion and labour.  Celebrate a special accomplishment, milestone birthday, anniversary or family reunion with friends and loved ones alike. I offer scheduled cooking classes for you to explore Indian Cuisine, learn about the diverse cooking styles; explore, experiment and enjoy the spices and recipes.

I have been offering classes in and around the GTA for the last 20 years and authored my cookbook, An Affair With Indian Cooking in 2007. Cooking for me started off as a necessary skill in order to feed and nourish my newlywed husband and his family. It then proceeded to become a personal challenge as I continued to improve on my culinary skills and be on par with my Mum, Aunts and sisters who are all fabulous cooks.

Whilst writing the book, through all of the research and reading, I learnt immensely about Indian food: the historical perspective, the Avurvedic Medicine principles prominent within Indian cooking and, most importantly, the fundamental elements that make Indian food what it is. My biggest revelation came when I realized that there is no such thing as an Indian curry.  This changed how I wanted Indian food to be portrayed through my cooking.

The foods of India vary within the regions of India and although my classes focus on North Indian cooking, I was fortunate to be exposed to the various cuisines around India.  This exposure came to me largely through my travels to India along with my time living in Kenya, which possessed a large and diverse Indian community in a relatively small area. We were able to share our cuisines, the spices and recipes and create recipes that were Indian at their essence but regionally very unique. These India-wide cooking fundamentals along with specific techniques are taught in depth in the hands-on, half-day interactive classes.

Every class is menu-based, three hours in length
and is an interactive demonstration class
where guests are encouraged to participate
if they wish.


The foundations of Indian cooking are covered in the class, which include making the perfect masala, the base for most Indian food. The art of blending spices with the onions and tomatoes is the focus of the class, which results in a symphony for the palate and layers of depth within dishes I’m sure you will have never tasted before.

Cooking with Maharajas and Holi



Culinary Tour to India with
Chef Geeta Maini


for more info eMail Geeta Maini.

Classes held at
The Kitchen
Burlington, Ontario
Geeta Maini

Options Below

To book individual classes
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Theme Classes -3 Hours

To book half day classes $150.00
purchase 1/2 day
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To book 5 day classes $400.00
purchase 5 x 3 hour classes
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To purchase my cookbook
An Affair With Indian Cooking
An Affair With Indian Cooking   
Cooking Class Designs

Option 1 is a hands-on and interactive experience customized for groups of 10-12 people or more. Once a menu has been selected, the group is divided into teams. Each team prepares a portion of the menu, which incorporates all the different aspects of Indian Cuisine.  When cooking is complete, sit down, relax, and enjoy a sumptuous meal. Wine paired with the meal can be provided at an additional cost or feel free to bring your own wine and beer. All the classes begin with an overview of the spices used in this aromatic and exotic cuisine. Ingredients that are necessary for a wholesome Indian meal will also be outlined and tips will be given on sensible and effective shopping in the marketplace.

Option 1

An enjoyable hands on
and interactive culinary experience.

Half day Saturday class
from 1pm. – 5.30 pm.
Participants will prep and
cook dishes from appetizers
 to dessert.
2 appetizers,
3-4  entrées
(dependent on what
dishes are selected),
rice, bread and 1 dessert

 A personalised selection of dishes
from the menus listed below
or any dishes of
personal preference.

Prepared dinner for participants
and one guest per person.

Guests arrive at 6p.m
to join in for dinner.

12 people per class, maximum
(24 people total for dinner)

Cost: $150.00 per person
Option 2

Set of 5 lessons
Once/week for 3 hours
Demo classes.

Each class will be menu based
and will include an appetizer,
a vegetarian dish,
lentils or non vegetarian dish,
bread or rice and dessert.
Meal included.

Cost: $400.00 per person
for a 5 lesson package

The 5 class package
also includes a cookbook
($ 40.00 value)

The Cooking classes
#1  #2  #3  #4  #5  #6  #7

Option 3

Make a Date with an evening
of culinary experiences.

Come out with a friend(s), your significant other, your dinner club or book club for an evening of learning, exploring and having fun.


A class for new brides and brides-to-be. Get the fear factor out of cooking and creating the WOW factor in every meal.

All my classes include cheat tips on shopping smart and cooking smart, and you get to eat the food too!

Single demo class for 3 hours
Each class will be menu based
and will include an appetizer, a vegetarian dish,
lentils or non vegetarian dish,
bread or rice
and dessert.
Meal included.

Cost for the class $85.00 per person.

Geeta also provides spice kits and other specialty gift baskets

Combine the cookbook with a spice kit and cooking lesson

For a more personalized gift, let Geeta organize a private cooking lesson in the comforts of your home for you and your friends

Customized menus can be created to cater for special events and occasions

Dry roasted cumin seeds
Dry roasted coriander seeds
Signature Garam masala
All natural hand blended Tandoori Masala
Signature Chai masala blend

Spices and spice blends also available in convenient sizes.


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